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"I am amazed at how much my dog and I learned in Alpha K9's group class. I have attended other area classes that used treats to train - my dog wouldn't listen to me - he just wanted the food. What a difference the alpha approach made in my dog's behavior! He has stopped jumping and pulling and listens to me very well. I couldn't be happier."

H.M., Roanoke VA

"I was at my wit's end with my dog's fear aggression problem - I had tried every trainer in the book and the problem just seemed to get worse. I called my vet and they recommended Dr. Savage (a canine behaviorist) at Alpha K9. In just a few house calls, my dog became more confident, less fearful and the aggression stopped. I can now take my dog to places I wouldn't have dared to go before working with Alpha K9. Thank you, Dr. Savage, for helping my dog become the dog I always knew he could be!"

A.D., Christiansburg, VA

"I didn't realize that giving my dog a treat every time she was showing aggression to someone was actually reinforcing her aggressive behavior. Every trainer I had come to the house suggested I do this so she would think that visitors in our home were good things. Believe me, there is a HUGE difference between a common dog trainer and a behaviorist who specializes in problem behaviors. After working with Dr. Savage at Alpha K9, my dog is now happy when company comes - and the company is much happier, too! Thank you, Dr. Savage!!!

B.T., Lexington, VA

"I wanted to start my puppy off on the right foot with early positive training and discovered Alpha K9's two week accelerated program. I enrolled her at 4mo of age and I am very happy with the results. I had to be trained, too, and Jackson took all the time I needed for me to learn his alpha training concepts. He is very patient and he made sure I knew what I was doing before I took my dog home after training. I am forever grateful."

R.R., Vancouver, Quebec

"I travel a lot with my dog and it was important for him to be trained to accept and be comfortable with strangers and different environments, as well as traveling on planes and boats. After completing ACT (the 2 week program), Jackson progressed him to off-leash training. He is seldom on a leash now and behaves and listens perfectly."

M.T., Water Island, The Bahamas

" My fourth dog just completed ACT with Jackson Savage of Alpha K9. With a pack of 5 (6 including me), it's crucial that all of my dogs listen to me and respect me as their alpha. They perform everything on the first command now and are very eager to please me. Jackson's alpha training concept works and I highly recommend him to anyone desiring a well-mannered family pet!"

D.T., Roanoke, VA

"I have known Jackson for 20+ years and have never seen anyone as talented and gifted in their chosen profession. He understands and communicates impeccably well with dogs and their humans and is very patient while teaching them. If you truly want a best friend in your dog, Jackson can make it happen for you!"

L.L., Roanoke, VA

"As a veterinarian, I am approached by many clients regarding their dog's behavior. In teaching classes and seminars regarding dogs and their behavior around babies and small children, I discovered that I was being asked questions I couldn't answer. I asked Dr. Savage to participate and to field questions in the Q&A segment of these seminars. I was amazed with his knowledge of dogs and their behaviors and the way he helped those asking the questions. I learned a lot and will continue to refer my patients with behavioral problems to him and would recommend that other vets do the same (if they don't already)"

C.W., Vinton, VA

"Most dogs wind up at a shelter because of behavioral problems. Having founded and organized no-kill shelters in the area, we have called on Dr. Savage numerous times to help withsome of our dogs' behavioral issues so they could be adopted into a good home. So far, 100% success. Thank you for what you do, Jackson!"

I.C., Franklin County, VA

P.W., Radford, VA

"Our dog, Leia, was adopted from a shelter a year ago. She was extremely timid and soon after it became apparent she had fear aggression toward men, including my husband, and anxiety issues with strangers. After other attempts to deal with her behavior, we were introduced to Jackson who provided the structured training exercises needed to help Leia and her humans gain confidence and trust in each other. Her behavior has improved considerably and we thank Jackson for getting us back to a happier home!"

R.O. - New River Valley VA

FB post from a client..."There's a large, red fox strolling through the neighbor's yard who's totally not afraid of the large, black Doberman standing in my yard. Thank goodness for the invisible fence or I would've had a big, bloody mess!" (response from a friend) --> "in case you didn't know, the invisible fence doesn't always work completely - one of our three big dogs gets out of the yard all the time - she has the shock collar & still has to be on a leash." (client response)--> " Fortunately, Dai listens to me and didn't move when I told her to stay. I thank Jackson Savage for his good training of her and attest that his "dog whispering" ways work!"

T.M.P. - Roanoke VA

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