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What is True & Real Obedience?

Obedience is defined as: "the act or practice of obeying; dutiful or submissive compliance." My personal definition of obedience is "willful submission." True submission cannot be bribed with treats or derived through force - it is only achieved through trust & respect! We developed our leadership program to teach humans how to be their dog's alpha leader - this is the only way to earn your dog's respect & develop the trust necessary to have a truly obedient companion!

Treats work well for target training (such as teaching your dog to go to place or in teaching service dogs to retrieve objects, etc.) or for teaching tricks. Treats are useless in developing a trust / respect relationship with your dog, both of which are necessary in promoting true obedience. Yet many treat-trainers will try to convince you that their way is the only humane way to train - this is absolutely untrue!

Our award winning alpha leadership program is the best way to train your dog! It will teach you to effectively communicate your individual expectations & it develops a mutual understanding between you & your dog. Your relationship will thrive, and since there is little to no room for problem behaviors to develop, you will both live a very happy & peaceful coexistence!

Both you & your dog deserve the bond that our alpha leadership program creates - please contact us today!

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