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Just what is an Alpha anyway?

Many people have the wrong idea about what an "alpha" truly is - perhaps they learned it on tv or from a book or video. "Alpha" is the "first" letter of the greek alphabet - it simply means "1" or "first." A true alpha should be neither dominant nor aggressive - the alpha is simply the leader (or #1) of the pack. We as humans must EARN that position with our dogs - we cannot command or demand respect. We must learn our dog's language & implement it into our training techniques. Once you have humanely established yourself as the pack leader (through leadership exercises I have developed), most if not all problem behaviors diminish or disappear entirely! In my 40+ years of practice, I have seen many confused dogs & frustrated owners as the result of both treat training & dominance training. Dogs naturally want to please their human, but the human fails their dog miserably in the attempt to bribe or dominate them - the human is the cause of most problem behaviors! Do yourself & your dog a favor - create a relationship / partnership based on mutual trust & respect. Learn to speak dog to effectively communicate your expectations to him. Be consistent in every interaction with your dog. Your dog will thank you!!



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