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Meet Dr. Savage

All dog trainers are not created equally, and very few trainers are actually behaviorists. Anyone can train a dog with treats (pez dispenser method)—in fact, some franchise and retail training operations require only a short training period for their instructors - no previous experience required - then turn them loose to train you and

your dog. Award winning Canine Behaviorist Jackson Savage PhD has been training dogs since 1981, with a specific concentration in canine behavioral problems. Many clients who work with Savage ask if he is a “dog whisperer.” No actual “whispering” involved—just a clear & precise understanding of canine behavior coupled with practical training techniques.

No gimmicks        ~       no bribery        ~       no fooling! 

If you are not training with Savage, you are missing out on the most critical aspect of training and relationship with your dog. To fully develop the human—animal bond you seek, there must first be mutual trust and respect. Trust and respect aren’t developed with treat training or dominance methods, but through communication & understanding between you and your dog. Don’t cheat yourself out of the perfect relationship with your dog. Contact us today! 


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