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What You & Your Dog Will Learn

First & foremost, you will be taught how to communicate with your dog. In order to communicate with & understand your dog, you must learn to "speak dog." This is the only way to build an alpha leadership relationship based on mutual respect & trust! Once this relationship has been established, your dog will become an eager & willing participant in the obedience training process, thereby producing a reliably trained well-mannered family pet.

Treat training is ineffective in establishing alpha leadership status. By using treats, you are simply a "pez" dispenser doling out goodies - your dog is working for food, not for you. The majority of problem behavioral cases we see (at least 90%!!) are the result of treat training. By establishing your leader status early, you can prevent and/or eliminate problem behaviors altogether!

In practical basic obedience house calls and private lessons, we will train you to train your dog. You will be taught proven methods to instruct your dog how to walk on a loose lead by your side, sit automatically when you stop walking, sit & lie down on the first command, and stay / come under mild to moderate distractions. We will also cover certain problem behaviors such as jumping & pulling on lead. We will make sure you learn & understand the proper techniques - training success will be determined by your abilities, multiple daily practice sessions, your dog's willingness to please & achieving your leadership status within the pack.

In ACT (accelerated canine training), we do all the training for you - with guaranteed results for your dog's lifetime with you. Your dog will learn to sit to be leashed/unleashed, sit/wait before entering/exiting exterior doors, walk by your side on a loose lead, sit automatically when you stop walking, sit & lie down on the first command & stay/come under mild to moderate distractions. Problem behaviors such as jumping & pulling on lead are also addressed. If at any time you feel like you need a refresher session, they are free of charge (for your dog's lifetime with you), as long as you come to us.

Even though the training process is considerably longer, some people prefer to do the training themselves - house calls and private sessions are good choices for them. For those whose schedules are too busy or are otherwise unable to train their dog themselves, or for those desiring a professionally trained dog in two short weeks, ACT is a great choice. Behavioral issues are best addressed in the ACT program.

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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