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Problem Behavior is Our Specialty!

Dogs communicate through actions, not words. There is always a reason why a dog behaves in a certain manner. Determining this reason is the first & most important step in the correction of problem behaviors. Using the wrong correction / technique for a misbehavior will most always make the problem worse!

Most trainers, especially those at chain pet stores, are neither equipped nor experienced in solving problem behaviors. Our behaviorist Jackson Savage PhD has been teaching practical obedience and solving problem behaviors since 1981. Our referrals are mainly from veterinarians and former clients who respect & appreciate our methods & success in solving behavioral problems.

There is always an underlying reason for every behavioral issue. Attempting to correct the problem without first determining the causal factor is guaranteed to make the problem worse. A behavioral evaluation will allow us to determine the reason for the misbehavior. We can then prescribe a behavior modification / training plan to correct the issue.

Problem behaviors are often unknowingly reinforced by the dog owner in an attempt to correct the problem. If you are touching your dog or trying to console it by "baby talk," you are reinforcing the problem you are trying to solve. Never "trade" a treat or toy in the attempt to redirect your dog's focus from a bad behavior - you will inadvertently reinforce the behavior which you are attempting to solve (this is a common practice of treat-trainers / purely-positive trainers). Behavior modification / training is as important for the human as it is for the dog.

If your dog is fearful, aggressive, possessive, territorial, jumping, pulling on lead, misbehaving to get attention, destructive, anxious, obsessive, defiant, marking, barking, mouthing, etc., contact us with behavioral details to discuss your options.

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